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    reblogging for the nigga in the back

    he dont know wus going on yet he just starts groovin lol


    Gotta be the best vine of all time

    That fool in the back is so me lol

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    So no matter who you are or where you’re at, it’s your duty to give “the nod.” Even in the most extreme of circumstances, we always found a way to let each other know, “I see you, bruh.”

    The nod is so real amongst black men but I never see it happen between black women. It’s always more of a smile or a compliment in my experiences.

    I always get the nod from men and women with locs! I remember when I first started my locs I was insecure about my hair because it was so short and I didn’t know how to do anything with it and then I started getting the nod and felt super encouraged. Now I always go out of my way to give the nod when I see someone else first starting their locs. It’s like we’re part of a secret club or something. I love it. 

    I do the nod to all my black brothers and sisters 💪

    I always do and get the nod from both black men and women or a smile.

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    Black Churches

    these vines are reaching another level

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    Beyoncé -  XO // Director’s Cut

    i know this is super old but still WHAF

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    Every morning in Africa a gazelle awakens knowing it must today run faster than the fastest lion or it will be eaten. Every morning a lion awakens knowing it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve. It matters not whether you are a gazelle or a lion, when the sun rises you had better be running. 419 notes

A representation of a Black family where the wife isn’t lighter than her husband and the little girl isn’t biracial.


    Shiba requires a moment to process the fact that someone touched the butt

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